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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Urban Monroes -New Single for the Season: "Underneath the Stars"

Urban Monroes-New Christmas Single

With the Holiday season quickly approaching, the release of a new bluegrass Christmas single is as timely as a sleigh full of Rolexes. Rather than "Ho-Ho-Ho-ing" into the holidays though, the Urban Monroes offer a song with a more personal message. That song, "Underneath the Stars," begins in the dry arid troubled lands of life and ends at the joy filled Nativity where the gift of all gifts arrived in the most humble surroundings and underneath the stars.

Written by the Urban Monroes' Fran Kent, "Underneath the Stars" was originally created for a Christmas CD put out by the Menards chain of stores. The Midwest based retailer's Yuletide offering included singles by several of Portland's best artists. The UM's track includes its own guest star with the band's long-time fiddle-friend Annie Staninec joining the guitar, banjo, and bass in a rapid flight across a desert landscape to a Christmas culmination. "Underneath the Stars" is available to DJ's for download at Airplay Direct at www.airplaydirect.com/urbanmonroes where they will find other UM treats with songs for the season like Mr. Grinch and others.

While the band was hard at work on "'Stars", Santa dropped in to make an early delivery as they topped the RMR Top 50 Bluegrass Chart in the number one spot for the second time in three months. It was one more exclamation point for an exciting month and the band looks forward to a new year with their new CD Appaloosa Daydream